Now you must be wondering what the article is about, looking at the title of the blog. After all, artificial intelligent computers are superior to humans in every way, and yet these supercomputers are losing the battle for supremacy. Humans will never be able to beat an artificially intelligent computer, according to them. And that’s not going to stop them, no matter how often they lose.

Introduction of the latest Bots:

And yet many in the technology community are laughing at the silly android computer system called Watson. They dubbed it a “wonder bot” – or a “zoom robot.” And they call human beings with common sense a “set of nuts.” And then there are the folks at Carnegie Mellon University doing the research, which say that Watson is way out of his league. And so it goes on.

Isn’t all of the talk about Artificial Intelligent computers, supercomputers, robots, and such, completely absurd? And aren’t those who promote this line of nonsense, also promoting a dangerous future? After all, isn’t that exactly what the Computer Wars are all about?

How will the future look with the Bots?

Well, consider this, if humans were to create an artificially intelligent computer as advanced as Watson, and the artificial intelligent system went rogue and did something stupid, what would happen? It might put the whole system at risk, right? That’s what the future is supposed to be like. So, if we want to avoid having such things as the AI, Artificial Intelligent Software, and such things, what do we do? We build better humans.

But why? Why can’t we just make smarter humans, and then we can throw the dumbest, most nonsensical programs away – because they’re obviously not going to help us? If we do that, we’ll have created a bunch of dopes, which will waste our precious time, and money, while creating more problems for mankind, which in turn will prevent us from getting any better. Okay, so let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Limitations of Bots:

The reason we can’t do that is because humans are smart enough to know when they’re being dopes, and when they’re being dumb. You see, we’re pretty good at detecting these things, we call it logic, and we use it every day. In fact, one of the most important concepts in how you should live your life is the concept of logic, which applies to both being smart and being foolish. If you’re living in a world where you’re dealing with people who have the IQ of a twelve-year-old, you’re going to end up with problems.

Why? Because these folks will always use their intellect, no matter what the situation is. They will push the envelope and will find stupid answers to dumb questions, and that’s what you have to watch out for. Now, if you have the personality type described above, then you’re probably a little smarter than this, and you won’t have to worry about these folks wrecking the place. But if you have some serious problems, you may be dealing with someone who is doped up on drugs, and that’s not a good person to associate with.

Human-like Interactions made by Bots:

It’s interesting to see all the conversations on Artificial Intelligent computers these days, and all the discussions on Brain Uploads and AI. Some folks want to ban all artificially intelligent software, or even human beings. Well, that’s just silly. In the future, we will have AI assistants that are as smart as humans. Don’t end up on this artificial intelligence hall of shame. Even further, we now have AI powered platforms that enable crowdfunding like O-Bless by ONPASSIVE.

When you have artificially enhanced systems that are more powerful than humans, they will be able to do things better, quicker, and without error. And we already have robotic help in the form of robotic doctors, lawyers, police officers, etc. With all the technological advancements that are being made in that area, why not have an artificially intelligent assistant, attorney, or even CEO? Indeed, that makes a lot more sense. Why shouldn’t we have an artificially intelligent android CEO, or an artificial intelligent hedge fund manager?

That’s a much better scenario than banning all computers. The fact is, once someone creates a program that is better than all the other programs out there, then it’s not hard to convince them to put their money where their mouth is. So, instead of banning them, why not simply make them better. It makes sense to make them smarter and therefore better at doing their jobs. And that’s the key that finally pushed Google in the right direction with Deep Voice.


Instead of banning these technologies, which will only prevent the future advancements that society wants, let’s get them enhanced. That’s how you win in the future, when you have superior artificial intelligence. And it’s going to happen before anyone has a clue what they are doing, and therefore no one gets hurt. Please consider all this and think on it.