AI and automation are about to take over every industry and the changes that are going to take place may work forever. AI will soon takeover time taking tasks such as coordinating, making short term data-driven decisions on administrative tasks. The technical role of AI needs to be understood by managers and leaders and use them to fill the gaps in development of soft skills and interpersonal skills.

As automation impacts decision making, the next generation managers need to have AI leadership skills to higher responsibility levels that involves human aspects of decision making such as employee development, innovative thinking and need to bridge the gap between technology and humans.

It is critical for the leaders to make the transition of the present workforce into an automation driven process filled with right set of skills to manage both human and machine side. AI helps to offset short-term challenges in the work process by its integration and adoption.

The Top AI leadership skills for the future 

some of the top AI leadership skills required by the leaders in future are as follows:

Emotional Intelligence 

One of the most valued skills that leaders can posses in the work environment is emotional intelligence. It refers to the ability to recognize and manage the emotions of others and oneself to reduce conflicts and make the process of human interactions better.

Studies show that emotional intelligence is one of the most critical skill in the age of AI and most of the executives consider it to be a must-have leadership skill for the new age leaders.


The ability to put oneself in other person’s show and look at the world from their point of view is known as empathy. Leaders that are empathetic in nature are more likely to build positive relationship with employees and gain their trust which leads to an increased productivity in the organization.

Managers with great empathy levels play a major role in enhancing the job performance within the organization and are rated higher compared to others. It is an essential skills to understand the pain and problems of employees and helps resolve conflicts within the team.


AI without doubt brings disruption to every industry which makes it essential for the business leaders to keep up with the changes in the industry and need to make critical decisions using the newly emerged technologies.

The managers need to able to embrace the change and motivate their team and employees to quickly adapt to new technologies and develop their skills which enables them to work with unfamiliar procedures and provides new innovative opportunities for growth.

Critical and Creative Thinking 

Critical thinking continues to be an important leadership skill, although Artificial Intelligence can make more calculated decision based on the existing data. Critical thinking is essential for leaders to analyze problems from various point of views using knowledge, data, facts and previous experiences. 

There is a growing need for organizations to be innovative in order to develop new business ideas or solutions to stay relevant with the changing trends which Artificial Intelligence is not equipped to deal with.

Cultural Intelligence 

As workplaces are equipped with people from different cultural backgrounds they are increasingly becoming diverse. Therefore, developing a prominent intelligence of diverse culture is important as it helps in making sure that one is aware of what goes in different ways of making sure that everyone is felt included. 

It is important for the companies dealing with AI to ensure that people from various backgrounds are recruited so that there exists a sense of diversity which enables the learning quotient of the people who are along with the employees. 


An effective leadership is very much necessary to make sure that the organization is functioning in a smooth manner. An effective leader must have a sense of empathy, should be emotionally intelligent, and should be agile. Additionally, they should also have a good range of creative and critical thinking and analytical skills which help in making decisions that are helpful in creating a very good role of leadership. Finally, a leader should also be aware culturally as that would ensure that the organization is directed towards the right path.