Machine learning tools have gained popularity over the years. They are useful in understanding the intent of the conversation of its users with the help of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing which has helped various fields of AI to understand the sometimes complexity of the human mind. Machine Learning tools have enabled the use of AI and Deep Learning which have resulted in the usage of many advantages and highlights that have boosted the growth and development of Machine Learning Models with each passing day. 

The two main applications of that have grown popular in Machine learning community are Theano and Keras. 

Theano is an easy to use Machine Learning Tool that is used extensively in the Financial Sector due to its capabilities of being able to handle large batch of data without memory footprint and throughput issues. It is also very good at generating custom code with great parallelization potential. However, it is a little slow compared to the other two tools mentioned and it is somewhat limited in its ability to work well with large unsupervised large programs.

Keras is probably the most popular of the Machine Learning Tools. It is an extremely fast and efficient piece of software and it has very powerful off the box modeling capability. It is capable of doing Machine Learning with both supervised and unlabeled data. This means that it can easily handle both supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning applications. Also, it has an extremely rich set of API, so it is easy to extend it into new applications as well.

Some of the other machine Learning tools include the following :

Scikit-learn :

Another highly popular tool is the Scikit-learn which also makes it pretty popular. Its biggest advantage compared to the other tools is that it has a very deep and well documented API and it runs on both Python 2.7 and Python 3.x. It also supports both Java and C++.


This is a relatively new product that has recently hit the market and has made a buzz in the Machine Learning community. It is written in Java and was one of the main reasons for Google buying it. It is very fast and is considered to be the fastest pre-trained Bot for Text classification applications.


caffe is a relatively young product (it was released in 2010) and it is considered to be very popular amongst MLM training and recruitment professionals. It is also very fast and can fit into a busy schedule pretty easily. It is highly parallelized and has a very large library of different applications like graphs, actioncript etc. It is mostly used for accelerated image processing tasks.

Numark Data Explorer:

The Numark Data Explorer is another very popular tool that is used by many and data acquisition professionals. It is mainly focused on the RCTPA and tends to not be as general purpose as other tools. It can be used for regression and forecasting tasks. The best thing about it is that it is extensible and can be customized with many other applications. It can be run on UNIX, Linux, windows and it’s Free Edition.


These are some of the most popular Machine Learning tools currently available in the market. There are many more but we feel that the ones listed above are the most popular. There are also many more upcoming in the MLM tools community so keep an eye out for those.

Machine Learning tools are of great help to people to carry out the tasks quickly and efficiently. Adopting them in the work environment paves the way to create the best outputs. Machines are trained with human experiences repeatedly to respond to the situation accordingly. Such experiences help Machine learning tools to handle situations during the human absence. So, incorporating AI and ML-driven tools overcome problems smoothly. ONPASSIVE ‘s AI implementation in the products is intended to meet such challenges saving time and effort resulting in business growth.