Have you imagined what your life would be without the internet? If reading this article, you would probably have been born during the pre-internet era. The internet is relatively young, but its connectivity has already produced long-lasting effects. The world wide web has the entire planet connected, keeping it in the palm of our hand. 

One of the significant times for the internet was when it came out of the home and was held inside a small box, i.e., the smartphone. And a recent boom in the internet can be seen during the pandemic. But let us analyze and introspect what significant changes have the internet brought into our lives. 

How Internet has changed our Life

1. Communication

One of the major changes that the internet has brought to our lives is how we communicate. Do you remember when people used to write letters or book phone calls to faraway places? Chances are, you might not. The internet has made us dependent on smartphones, emails, video calls, and chat rooms within a short span. We can easily connect with any of our friends who are living in another corner of the world. Thanks to the internet that is making bonds stronger.

2. Education

The advent of the internet has allowed it to provide unbounded learning opportunities. Students and educators are easily connected, which helps speed up society’s economic growth. People living on one continent can study at a university on the other. It has also become much easier to share your knowledge through various platforms. New ways of learning and teaching through the internet captivate and stimulate the students’ imagination anytime, anywhere. 

3. Research 

It has become easier to look for any answer on the internet. You can write down your query, or even just a few keywords would work for you in finding the answer. The internet has now become the primary source of information apart from textbooks. Search engines are the main door to access information, be it Google or Bing. Moreover, smartphones have even improved research by getting an answer immediately regarding any query. 

4. Shopping

Gone are the days when you need to line up in the stores to buy something, pay the cashier, and travel back home. Now you can shop for all kinds of products through the internet, and it does not require you to leave the house. The products can be delivered to many places within a few minutes. The retail industry is undoubtedly using the internet to improve customer experience in the best possible way.

5. Entertainment

Cable has already helped you to relax at home and watch your favorite shows on the television, but the internet has made it more comfortable. There are several platforms, including Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and others, where you can watch all kinds of old and new shows and movies. If you are hooked to music and want to listen to it on the go, you can access various audio platforms, like Spotify, to satiate yourself. All you need is an internet connection, and you can choose between any audio or visual form of entertainment you prefer. 

6. Travel

There was a time when you traveled to discover new places. But now the purpose has changed. Because of the internet, people can know about the place they want to visit before leaving home. You can even have a virtual reality tour in 3D and experience the location’s ambiance beforehand. You no longer require detailed maps to find a place. Google maps will do that for you. Even if you do not have a vehicle, you can easily hire any kind, including a car or a bike, at your convenience. 

7. Healthcare

The healthcare sector has seen one significant shift after the pandemic. Although you must not read everything online and believe in it, you can always have a virtual appointment with a medical expert whenever needed. Many healthcare applications are made for smartphones to track your eating habits and motivate you to exercise by giving you valuable tips. After the pandemic, health has become a priority for many, thanks to the internet for creating a cordial relationship between doctors and patients even when they are not physically in the same room. 


This may be just the beginning; we would never know. Technology is changing and reinventing itself through all kinds of innovations and developments. It is difficult to fathom the potential of the internet and the types of tools it can reinvent to change our lives for the better. The key is to wait and watch what else the internet has in store for us.